Recycling Brass Shell Casings

What Are Brass Shell Casings?

Scrap brass ammo is the most famous sort of ammo. It is looked for after due to its strength, consumption opposition and simple reloading process. Because of how routinely this ammo is used, it is imperative to assemble and experience the way toward recycling brass shell casings. Not exclusively does doing so reduce our ecological impression, yet scrap brass ammo is anything but difficult to assemble, clean and reuse. Before discussing the recycling procedure of scrap brass cartridges, it is noteworthy to be alright with the different pieces of the ammo:

  • The Projectile
  • The Packaging
  • Black Powder
  • The Groundwork

Since brass shell casings have been inspected, it is critical to comprehend the recycling process.

The Recycling Process

Ammo must be inactive to be reused. Live cartridges can’t be reused in light of the fact that they may detonate. The lead slug in live ammo pollutes the shell’s brass; along these lines, recyclers think that its difficult to isolate lead from brass. The brass shell packaging recycling framework comprises of:

  1. Shells being arranged by material. Shell combinations are typically created utilizing brass, aluminum or steel. Periodically, they are plated with chrome, nickel, silver or even gold.
  2. In the wake of being arranged, the shell must be expelled.
  3. Shells are “flew” in a high-temperature furnace ensuing to being arranged. This powers any live adjusts to detonate.
  4. After the shells are placed in a unique receptacle to cool, a quality control manager confirms the shells.
  5. At that point, the shells are cleaned. Cleaners wash the shells to remove however much lead and earth as could reasonably be expected.
  6. Auditors run the clean and “popped” shells through a shaker table. This checks what live adjusts and other undesirable materials ought to be expelled.
  7. Next, a sledge factory or shredder takes the shells and twists them into littler pieces. At that point an aggregator machine takes these pieces and loads them for transportation.
  8. At last, the shells are taken to a brass plant. Here, they are dissolved, consolidated and blended in with metallic components to achieve a particular mix. At that point, the shells are shaped into pole or ingot. buys scrap brass cartridges from wherever in the United States. In light of transportation costs, recycling brass shell casings that are further away can represent an issue. In any case, will work with you to beat the difficulties.

In the wake of fathoming the recycling method, it is basic to comprehend why this procedure is critical.

Why Is It Important to Recycle Brass Shell Casings?

Makers produce a great deal of scrap. While recycling scrap brass cartridges may have all the earmarks of being a tremendous concern, buys this scrap metal and takes it through the recycling technique.

When recycling brass shell casings, must find shell lodging with low degrees of aluminum and manganese bronze. Thus, the brass shell packaging is recyclable and can be reused ordinarily. Therefore, this prompts new ammo being produced and keeping scrap out of landfills.


Scrap brass ammo is the most standard sort of reused ammo. That being expressed, purchasers are ignorant the they can reuse brass shell casings. Thus, this is the place an organization like Interco comes in to purchase scrap brass ammo, reuse it and reuse it for something else which realizes a beneficial outcome on the earth.

For more information on recycling brass shell casings, click here to request a quote.

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