Recycling Scrap Ammo

What is Scrap Ammunition?

Scrap ammo is the most mainstream kind of recycled ammunition. Scrap ammo is mainstream on account of the durability, corrosion resistance and ease of reloading. In this way, gathering and recycling scrap ammunition is critical.

Scrap brass shell casings are uncomplicated to gather, clean, and recycle. Before looking to recycle brass casings knowing the parts of the ammunition is helpful.

  • The Projectile
  • Packaging
  • Black Powder
  • The Groundwork

Why You Should Recycle Scrap Ammunition

Manufacturers produce a lot of scrap. Where to recycle brass shells appears to be a tremendous concern. However, companies like Interco recycle scrap metal and take it through a procedure to recycle brass shells. This results in 90% of metal being reused. So, to recycle scrap ammo, recyclers must find metal shell lodgings with low degrees of aluminum and manganese bronze. The scrap ammo packaging is recyclable. Recyclers can reuse scrap ammo casings a few times. Accordingly, this is how recyclers make new ammunition.

  1. First, sort the shells by material. Shell alloys are usually made from brass, aluminum, or steel. Occasionally they are plated with chrome, nickel, silver, or even gold.
  2. Then, after sorting, recyclers must remove the shell.
  3. Shells are “popped” in a high-temperature kiln after being sorted. This forces any live rounds to explode.
  4. Finally, a quality control supervisor verifies the shells and places them in a special bin to cool.
  5. Next, recyclers need to clean the shells. Cleaners rinse the shells to remove as much lead and soil as possible.
  6. Examiners run clean-and-popped shells through a shaker table. They remove live rounds and other unwanted materials.
  7. Furthermore, a hammer mill or shredder takes the shells and deforms them into smaller pieces. Then, an aggregator machine takes these pieces and loads them for transportation.
  8. Finally, recyclers take the shells to a brass mill where they melt and combine them. They mix them with metallic elements to achieve the specific blend. Then, they frame the shells into rod or ingot.

Scrap Shells buys scrap ammo anyplace in the United States. Due to transportation costs, it can be difficult to recycle brass shells. In any case, Scrap Shells beats any travel issues.


In conclusion, scrap ammo is the most well-known kind of recycled ammunition. Buyers don’t know that they can recycle brass casings. Scrap Shells provides a solution with a straightforward and effective approach to recycle scrap ammo. For inquiries regarding how to recycle scrap ammunition, click here to contact Scrap Shells.

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